Terms & Conditions

  1. Terms of use

    “Mariyana Baltadzhieva- 2008” ltd is a trade company registered in the Commercial Register of Registry Agency of the Republic of Bulgaria with UIC: 101787552 with headquarters and address at 2900 Gotse Delchev Str., 11, Sredna Str.. The Company carries out its activity in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria, incl. The Law on Medicinal Products in Human Medicine, the Consumer Protection Act and the Law on the Protection of Personal Data. "Mariyana Baltadzhieva – 2008" ltd holds the relevant permits, within the meaning of Art. 240, para. 1 of the Law on Medicinal Products in Human Medicine, for retail of medicinal products at the company's premises, located at: 57, Andrey Lyapchev Street, headed by Avgustina Vladimirova Chukich, namely Certificate No. 1422 / 31.01.2017, issued by Sofia Regional Health Inspection.

  2. Liability

    The product information is provided as a leaflet by the manufacturers. "Mariana Baltadzhieva - 2008 Ltd is not responsible for any inaccuracies in this leaflet.

    If there is any doubt about the use of the products on the website pages, we recommend consulting with a GP or a pharmacist. "Mariyana Baltadzhieva - 2008" Ltd. does not recommend self-treatment without consulting a specialist.

    "Mariana Baltadzhieva - 2008" Ltd. does not sell medicines via prescription. If, due to technical factors, breakthroughs of the site by third parties or misuse of the information on the site without the knowledge of Mariyana Baltadzhieva - 2008 EOOD, you notice irregularities, please immediately report to e-mail: pharmacare@abv.bg

  3. Methods of payment

    Payment can be made in one of the following ways:

    • With payment on receipt of the goods;
    • By bank transfer to the following bank account:
      IBAN: BG18FINV91501016106715
      BIC: FINVBGSV at First Investment Bank
    • With a credit or debit card;
    • Through PayPal.

  4. Copyrights

    The content of this site is a subject of protection from applicable law, including trademark, copyright, intellectual property rights, etc.

    Copying, reproducing, changing in various forms, and distributing the materials displayed on the site of „Mariyana Baltadzhieva - 2008“ Ltd. (https://www.pharmacare.bg ) is PROHIBITED.

  5. Rights and obligations of distance selling

    Mariyana Baltadzhieva - 2008 Ltd. is obliged to ensure the proper packaging, transport and delivery of the products in order to preserve their qualities and efficiency. The BUYER has the right to return the product at his expense within 14 days of his purchase if he changes his mind for any reason, provided that the product has no traces of use and is in its original packaging. Upon fulfillment of the above-described conditions after receiving the product "Mariyana Baltadzhieva - 2008" Ltd. they are obliged to return to the BUYER the amount paid for the specified product. The refund is made in the way it is received.

  6. Control bodies:

    Executive Agency for Medicines: www.bda.bg

    Bulgarian Pharmaceutical Union: www.bphu.bg